20 years of experience in brain mapping and neurofeedback therapies.


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We treat ADHD, migraines, depression, anxiety, PTSD, obsessive compulsive disorder, brain injury and concussion symptoms.

Veterans, military and RCMP - treatment of PTSD, depression, anger, addictions, brain injury.

ADHD CLINIC for children, teens and adults.

Advanced brain treatments for attention, hyperactivity and mood problems associated with ADHD.

Quantitative EEG Brain Mapping

Brain mapping studies have shown there are several different types of brain problems that cause ADHD symptoms. Many of these abnormal brain patterns do not respond to medication and can even be made worse. The only way to find out what is causing the attention problems is to measure the electrical activity of the brain.

Why should you get an EEG and brain map? Almost half of children with ADHD have a medically abnormal EEG. Approximately 20% have epileptiform discharges.

Computerized Testing: Computerized attention, cognitive and memory testing is essential in confirming diagnosis and monitoring progress.

Neurotherapy: Neurofeedback is used to improve function of the frontal lobe which is crucial for good attention, regulates mood and inhibits hyperactivity. Abnormal brain  Neuromodulation therapies such as tDCS can put the brain into a hyper-learning state, possibly improving effectiveness of neurofeedback therapy.



I am an approved Blue Cross provider for assessment and treatment of veterans, active military and RCMP. Veterans can contact me directly. Active military require a referral but you can call to me to discuss this. As a former member of the Canadian Forces Reserves, my military background help me to understand what your life in the military was like.

PTSD, depression, anxiety, anger problems, insomnia, brain injuries, stress ususally improve with brain biofeedback (neurofeedback) and stress management treatments. Autonomic nervous system dysfunction (felt as uncontrolled stress reaction) can also be treated with brain and body biofeedback. One type of biofeedback, heart rate variability biofeedback, can be used to gain control of our stress reaction and balance the autonomic nervous system. Clients learn how to control their stress outside of the treatment room, in real life situations.


MOOD DISORDERS: Depression, anxiety, OCD, PTSD

Mood disorders such as depression, anxiety and obsessive compulsive disorder can be treated with neurofeedback and neuromodulation therapies. Depression is often associated with lack of blood flow and oxygen (called hypoperfusion) of the prefrontal cortex (area under the forehead). Anxiety can be related to weakness in the front of the brain and also over activity in other regions. On a brain map this is idenfied as excess high frequency beta EEG activity.



Migraines are effectively treated in most cases by improving function of the prefrontal cortex (area of brain under the forehead). This part of the brain can inhibit the development of migraines. Recent research has shown that this area also regulates the perception of pain.


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Keith Zukiwsk, Ph.D.

Registered Psychologist (Alberta)

More than 19 years experience


Therapy and Assessments:


ADHD and attention testing

Cognitive testing



Neuromodulation therapies

tDCS (transcranial direct current stimulation)

PEMF (pulsed electromagnetic frequency stimulation)

Quantitative EEG brain mapping (QEEG)

Event related potoential advanced EEG brain assessments

Attention testing

Stress management education and treatment

Muscle tension biofeedback (EMG)

Treatment for many problems:








Attention problems



Brain Injury

TMJ or TMD temporomandibular disorders