About Dr. Zukiwski

Dr. Zukiwski has been providing QEEG and neurofeedback services in his private practice for over 15 years. He has attended numerous workshops and conferences in the US to receive this specialized training. During his graduate studies he received training at the University of Alberta Cognitive Re-regulation Program which provided QEEG and neurofeedback to treat attention deficit disorder.

Psychological treatment methods used include: neurolinguistic programming, hypnosis, relaxation and stress management techniques.

Dr. Zukiwski has an extensive background in health psychology that includes training at the Cross Cancer Institute, University of Alberta Hospital HIV Clinic (Dept. of Psychology), and the Mount Carmel Cardiac Rehabilitation Program in Columbus, Ohio.

While earning his Masters and Doctoral degrees in Counselling Psychology at the University of Alberta, Dr. Zukiwski developed a treatment for asthma that trains patients to reduce airway inflammation using mental imagery. His Doctoral internship in Clinical Psychology in Columbus, Ohio, featured training in clinical and health psychology, neuropsychological assessment, and treatment of addictions