Image: EEG Biofeedback Software

Neurofeedback or brain biofeedback is used to train the brain to function in a healthier and more normal way, without the use of medication.

Dr. Zukiwski uses two different types of brain biofeedback: biofeedback of the electrical activity of the brain (EEG) and infrared biofeedback.


EEG Neurofeedback

Real-time computer based feedback of brain electrical activity can be used to effectively train healthier brainwave wave patterns in children and adults. This training is called neurofeedback, neurotherapy or electroencephalogram biofeedback. One or two electrodes are positioned on the scalp and electrodes are placed on each ear.

Image: EEG Electrodes

Brainwaves are displayed on a computer screen a few thousandths of a second after they occur. Software is used to provide reinforcement – a sound or visual signal – when the right brain frequencies are produced. Through operant conditioning (learning through rewards), brain frequencies that are in excess are reduced, and those with a deficit are increased. As the dyfunctional brain patterns are corrected, the signs and symptoms of the disorder are typically reduced or eliminated.

Image: EEG Biofeedback Software Displaying EEG and Training Values

Children and adults with ADHD can be taught to stabilize the activity at the motor strip of the brain to calm down hyperactivity, take the brain out of an idle state (suppress theta and alpha) and increase normal thinking beta wave activity. Normalizing connectivity between sites in the brain can be effective for treating learning/reading disabilities and epilepsy.

Most conditions require between 10 to 40 sessions to achieve treatment goals. Some clients may require more than 40 sessions. The goal is to achieve improvements that are substantial and enduring. Some clients may require occasional booster sessions, most however do not. Approximately 80% of clients experience significant lasting improvements with neurofeedback.

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